Water Management

Australia is the driest continent on earth and has one of the highest levels of water use per capita. Therefore water management, use/efficiency and treatment have become an increasingly important consideration for the land development industry.

Coterra Environment has the experience and expertise to fully encompass both the scientific and legislative sides of water management. This combination provides the basis for unique and thoughtful solutions to address all manner of water issues and policy requirements.

Coterra Environment provides the following services:

    • Project advocacy and representation to key regulatory authorities
    • Strategic urban water management planning
    • Preparation of urban water reports: District Water Management Strategies (DWMS), Local Water Management Strategies (LWMS), Urban Water Management Plans (UWMP)
    • Conceptual stormwater¬†drainage design
    • Surface water and drainage modelling
    • Flood modelling: 1D and 2D
    • Water quality assessment and treatment design
    • Nutrient export and irrigation impact assessments
    • Mine stormwater discharge impact assessments
    • Water resourcing assessments including water recycling and reuse strategies
    • Water monitoring: program design in line with BUWM guidelines
    • Monitoring data analysis and reporting
    • Groundwater bore installation and sampling
    • Groundwater licence application and compliance reporting
    • Lake management and design advice
    • Site and Soil Evaluation (SSE)