Stine knows that Slappy will find him wherever he goes

With Darrin out playing golf, Samantha, already swamped with housework and attending to Adam, calls in Esmeralda for support, specifically to read Mother Goose nursery rhymes to Tabitha. In the process, Esmeralda, through one of her uncontrolled sneezes, accidentally conjures up Mother Goose herself. Mother Goose’s arrival is bad timing as Samantha receives an unexpected visit from Mrs.

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The best trait if the primary remiges are not visible is the shape of the head: in the greater scaup drake, the forehead is usually quite massive, whereas the nape presents a smooth shallow curve and may appear almost straightly sloping. The lesser scaup drake presents the opposite shape, with a less bulging forehead and a nape that looks strongly curved or even angular due to the small crest. When the birds raise their heads, these differences are most easy to spot, and after observing the two species in direct comparison it usually becomes easy to recognize.

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